NZ First Will Not Breach Coalition Agreement on

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education

New Zealand First will not breach the coalition agreement on bulk-funding, Associate Education Minister Brian Donnelly said today.

"Labour's Trevor Mallard seeks to remove a choice that schools currently have to opt for bulk-funding of teachers' salaries," Mr. Donnelly said.

"The fact that Labour is now supporting a Bill that will introduce compulsory central resourcing, after passing legislation in 1989 to make bulk-funding compulsory speak volumes about Labour's inability to form consistent policies."

"The coalition agreement is quite clear; the Government will keep the voluntary system. New Zealand First is comfortable with this policy."

"Mr. Mallard makes too much of NZ First's election policy. Our desire to remove bulk-funding was a pragmatic attempt to free up money for more targeted spending."

"However, the spending agreed to in the coalition agreement exceeds what NZ First promised to spend on education. In light of that, we are content with the current choice schools have."