• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

New Zealand and Australia have agreed to jointly develop a new, permanent memorial for the annual ANZAC Day commemorations at ANZAC Cove in Turkey, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley announced today.

Speaking after a wreath-laying ceremony at the National War Memorial in Wellington to commemorate Armistice Day, the Prime Minister said the new site would be available next ANZAC Day for the 85th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli.

"It is pleasing that we have reached an agreement to establish a permanent site to commemorate the place where both New Zealand and Australia grew up as nations, and found our own identities.

"As more and more New Zealanders make the pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove every year, it is appropriate that both countries provide a focus for ANZAC Day commemorations in Turkey and we welcome the support and assistance of the Government of Turkey in this project.

"ANZAC Day is one day when all New Zealanders, young and old, can join in remembering the sacrifices of earlier generations. More and more young people are becoming involved in ANZAC day, showing its growing importance as a day for New Zealanders to feel a real sense of our past and our unique identity.

"The permanent memorial at the site where so many brave New Zealanders and Australians laid down their life will only serve to enhance ANZAC Day's very special significance to New Zealand and New Zealanders," the Prime Minister said.

The new site, immediately below the cliff face known at the time of the ANZAC landings as the Sphinx, is located just north of the Ari Burnu war cemetery. The site was one of the first landing sites, and offers a large open space suitable for dawn services, which will be better able to cope with the increase in visitors.