No Wholesale Cuts to Frontline Police

  • Clem Simich

There will be no wholesale cuts in the number of police officers, Police Minister Clem Simich said today in response to incorrect statements about job losses from the Police Review.

"The suggestions that 445 police officers would be lost is completely untrue and such ill-informed comments have caused unnecessary anxiety to members of the public.

"We have said time and time again that we would boost frontline police numbers by 500 and we have almost achieved that."

Mr Simich said the Police Review was aimed at streamlining management and administrative levels and structures. "That is exactly what the public have been calling for and the Government is doing that to improve police services," Mr Simich said.

"While final decisions have yet to be made on the Police Review, I acknowledge that some management and administration positions performed by senior police officers, could be lost. However, frontline police numbers will not be affected.

"Savings from the review will be reinvested into frontline policing to the public, and that has to be good news," Mr Simich said.

Mr Simich said it was important to note that the Police Review was completely separate from the staff allocation process currently being performed by the Commissioner of Police.

"The Commissioner is making decisions about the allocation of frontline police in the community as he does each year and that is completely unrelated to the Police Review. It is pure coincidence that the two have occurred at the same time.

"I commend the Commissioner for seeking input from his district managers and am confident that he will deliver a fair and equitable distribution" said Mr Simich.

"This Government regards law and order as a top priority which is reflected in our significant investment in the Police through their annual budget.

"Funding will continue to be focused on frontline policing to serve the community. That is where police service really matters, and that is where it will go," Mr Simich concluded.