No More Stunts Please says Minister

  • Murray McCully
Sport Fitness and Leisure

The Minister responsible for the America's Cup, Murray McCully, has made a plea for "no more stunts" in the America's Cup Village.

His call follows the illegal entry to the America True base by a TV film crew earlier this week.

"New Zealanders want to take advantage of the series of upcoming major events to earn an enhanced reputation as good hosts. That means giving the competing America's Cup syndicates the privacy they need to prepare for their challenges.

"The America's Cup event will leave Auckland a lasting legacy of a world class waterfront. Good public access has been a priority in the development. Obviously, the syndicates will respond to stunts of this type by increasing security and restricting access. That will defeat the whole purpose of the unique Village environment.

"The America's Cup presents too good an opportunity to allow it to be undermined by a few pranks".