No Meddling, No Conspiracies,says Bradford

  • Max Bradford

Energy Minister Max Bradford said today he finds it extraordinary that when Mercury Energy and the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust seek to consult the Government, the Labour Opposition terms it "meddling" by the Government.

"This shows a complete turnaround from earlier in the year, when Labour was claiming the Government wasn't doing enough to get the lights back on in central Auckland," Mr Bradford said.

"Labour was blind at that time to the fact that the Government was working night and day facilitating the quickest possible restoration of power, along with helping businesses cope with the immediate crisis and get back on their feet. The Government also set up a Ministerial Inquiry into the power failure, the findings of which were announced earlier this month.

"Now the lights are back on and Mercury, the Trust and the Government are working to implement the Inquiry's recommendations, Labour is now making up ridiculous conspiracy theories about Government meetings with Mercury trust members.

"As far as the Government is concerned, if we are asked for help by companies such as Mercury, we will help as much as we can. I am sure this is what Aucklanders want."