• Maurice Williamson
Local Government

Consideration of Local Government reorganisation in the Hawkes Bay should not encounter abnormal delays, the Minster of Local Government, Hon Maurice Williamson announced today.

"Now the Local Government Commission has dealt with appeals on local authority membership, and appointments have been made to vacancies on the Commission, I expect the Commission will act expeditiously to deal with proposals for local government reorganisation in the Hawke's Bay Region," Mr Williamson said.

"Despite speculation by the previous Chairman of the Commission, Ian Lawrence, that new Commissioners might have to redo the consultation exercise already undertaken, I personally doubt this will be necessary.

"But that is a matter for the Commission to determine.

"Continuity in the decision making process has been achieved by one of the three former Commissioners being reappointed.

"The new Commission also has available to it, the submissions sent to the former Commission and the written record of meetings held at the end of last year," Mr Williamson said.