Ngāpuhi voting results

  • Hon Andrew Little
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little has announced the results of the Ngāpuhi-wide vote on the Evolved Mandate Proposal.

“The Ngāpuhi people who participated in the vote have not supported the Ngāpuhi Evolved Mandate Proposal,” said Andrew Little.

“Although a majority of Ngāpuhi voters supported the proposal in the individual vote, Ngāpuhi leaders (Te Rōpu Tūhono) had required a super majority of 75 percent which was not reached.

“Ngāpuhi individuals voted 51 per cent to support the Evolved Mandate Proposal and just under 48 per cent opposed.

“By contrast 73 hapū voted to oppose and 31 voted to support.

“I wish to take time to consider the results in more detail. For example, there are cases where hui-a-hapū opposed the proposal but a majority in the individual vote from the hapū supported it.

“I expect Ngapūhi will wish to closely consider the results, too.

“This process has been very positive for getting people talking about thorny issues that have troubled Ngāpuhi and the Crown relationship for too long. The feedback I am receiving is many Ngāpuhi, including those who voted against, want the dialogue to continue,” said Andrew Little. 

The Evolved Mandate Proposal was developed through three rounds of consultation hui with ngā uri o ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi between July and October.

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