Next step in Bowel Screening Programme rollout

  • Jonathan Coleman

Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman has announced that Homecare Medical have been selected as the coordination services provider for the National Bowel Screening Programme.

“The announcement of the provider for the National Coordination Centre services marks an important step in the roll-out of the National Bowel Screening Programme,” says Dr Coleman.

“The National Coordination Centre’s responsibilities include managing the database and distribution of the invitations for the programme, providing test kits to participants, and ensuring that GPs receive their patient’s test results.

“The coordination centre will also manage the free bowel screening helpline number (0800 924 432).

“Homecare Medical has demonstrated its ability to deliver high quality individual healthcare support through its provision of the National Telehealth Service.

“I have every confidence that they’ll deliver the same high quality service in their role as the National Coordination Centre for the programme.”

The free screening programme for men and women aged 60 to 74 is being rolled out progressively throughout New Zealand. The roll-out started with Hutt Valley and Wairarapa District Health Boards in July.

“I’d like to acknowledge the crucial role played by Waitemata DHB in running the interim coordination centre services during the initial phase of the national roll out,” says Dr Coleman.

"Co-ordination Centre responsibilities will transition from Waitemata DHB to Homecare Medical at the end of this year."

The Government has invested $77.8 million into the screening programme’s progressive roll-out to date, with a further $19 million invested into delivering more colonoscopies quicker.

Further information on the National Bowel Screening Programme is available at


Homecare Medical also holds the contract for the National Telehealth Service launched at the end of 2015. This service integrated a number of helplines funded by the Ministry of Health, including Healthline, Poisonline and Quitline.

Homecare Medical is a tele-triage organisation and is a partnership between Pegasus Health and ProCare.