New Zealanders welcoming the return of tourism


Support for tourism in Aotearoa New Zealand has increased according to new research, Tourism Minister Peeni Henare said today.

The research shows that 89% of New Zealanders agree that tourism is good for New Zealand, up from 83% a year ago, and there is strong recognition amongst New Zealanders of tourism's positive impact on the economy at 92% (up from 89%).

“Tourism must give back more than it takes to our home and operate in a way that protects it for future generations.  It’s fantastic to see that New Zealanders recognise its positive contribution as the sector rebuilds from the impacts of COVID-19 and supports New Zealand’s recovery,” Peeni Henare said.

Fewer New Zealanders now perceive the level of tourism in their community as being too high compared to November 2022, and there is still a high 37% of New Zealanders who would like to see more tourism in their communities.

“Communities recognise that tourism provides jobs and also that it can positively affect social wellbeing and connection with culture. Tourism New Zealand is working hard to attract visitors who want to experience New Zealand in an authentic way that contributes positively to New Zealand’s culture, society, nature and economy.”

Some New Zealanders believe there are negative impacts from tourism, mainly around specific things that affect them such as traffic congestion but also impacts on our environment.

“There is also work at a central and local level to ensure that the tourism sector contributes positively to all communities. This includes the Tourism Industry Transformation Plan, a positive, more regenerative rebuild of tourism – one that leaves a community and environment better than it was before,” Henare said.

We continue to support destination planning at a regional level, with a recent investment from the International Visitor and Conservation Levy to help develop a well-managed, sustainable visitor destination that can adapt and change, depending on the region’s needs or opportunities from a social, economic, cultural, and environmental point of view. Tourism planning to receive $5 million boost |

Initiatives like Tiaki - Care for New Zealand promote responsible and safe travel behaviour and actively encourages (international and domestic) visitors to experience New Zealand in a way that keeps everyone safe, protects our environment, respects our culture and protects the country for future generations.​

Notes to Editors: New Zealanders’ Views of Tourism research is conducted by Tourism New Zealand, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Department of Conservation, Tourism Industry Aotearoa and Regional Tourism New Zealand to understand how New Zealanders view international and domestic tourism.

The research can be found here: