New Zealanders have final say on national flag

  • Bill English
Deputy Prime Minister

New Zealanders will have a fifth choice in the first postal referendum to rank potential alternative flag designs, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English says.

“Parliament has voted by an overwhelming majority to have an additional, fifth option added to the first postal referendum ballot paper with the passing of the New Zealand Flag Referendums Amendment Bill.

“The amending legislation, adopted under urgency, will permit the Red Peak design to join the four design options already on the ballot after they were recommended by the NZ Flag Consideration Panel last month.

“The passing of the New Zealand Flag Referendums Amendment Bill confirms the Government’s pre-election commitment to secure New Zealanders their first opportunity ever to vote on the flag that best represents them and our country,” Mr English said.

The first postal referendum will take place between 20 November and 11 December and will empower voters with the opportunity to rank five alternative designs.

The most-preferred design from that first referendum will then proceed to a second binding referendum in March, where voters will choose between the status quo and the most preferred alternative flag.