New Zealand Welcomes Un Security Council Debate On Nuclear Testing

  • Simon Upton
Foreign Affairs and Trade

Acting Foreign Minister Simon Upton said today that New Zealand had made a strong call for the United Nations Security Council to continue to act decisively and effectively to defuse the developing crisis in South Asia, and to uphold nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

"New Zealand was one of a small group of countries which called for an open meeting of the Security Council to address the situation caused by India's and Pakistan's nuclear tests", said Mr Upton. "Until now, the Security Council has met in closed session, and non-members have not had an opportunity to express their views.

"At the open meeting held in New York on Saturday, our Permanent Representative said that New Zealand does not believe that nuclear testing is ever justified in any circumstances, and that nuclear weapons have no legitimate place in our world. He warned that India's and Pakistan's actions are leading to a nuclear arms race in South Asia, which would constitute a major threat to international peace and security.

"New Zealand once again called on India and Pakistan to renounce their nuclear weapons programmes and to join international non-proliferation norms. We have sent another clear signal to both countries that their actions are unacceptable.

"New Zealand also welcomed a resolution adopted unanimously by the Security Council, condemning the nuclear testing by India and Pakistan. This followed a joint communique issued by the five permanent members in Geneva on 4 June, which also condemned the testing," concluded Mr Upton.