New Zealand Public Service It Projects Managed Effectively

  • Simon Upton
State Services

The Information Technology Stocktake Report produced by the State Services Commission was released today by the Minister of State Services Hon Simon Upton and Minister for Information Technology Hon Maurice Williamson.

Ministerial concern about the risks associated with public service information technology (IT) projects such as the National Library's NDIS Project (National Document Information System), led to the stocktake of IT activities in 41 government agencies.

The stocktake, which uses material based on methodology from the Gartner Group, shows that New Zealand does better than average in terms of the success rate for public service IT projects.

"The key finding of the stocktake is that most public service IT projects are managed effectively and within budget," the Ministers said.

The public service IT stocktake only covers core departments, Police and the Defence Force, not the entire public sector. Projects outside core government departments such as those of Crown Agencies are not covered by the stocktake.

The National Library's NDIS Project is included, as is the Police's INCIS Project (Integrated National Crime Information System) which has also caused concerns. The teacher payroll is included under 'outsourced' systems.

Early in 1998 the State Service Commission will release detailed data from the stocktake which will be available on the Commission's internet site.