New Zealand to join International Renewable Energy Agency

  • Gerry Brownlee
Energy and Resources

Minister for Energy and Resources Gerry Brownlee has today announced New Zealand's intention to join the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

The intergovernmental organisation promotes the production and use of renewable energy worldwide.  Mr Brownlee notes New Zealand's extensive experience with renewable energy.

"In 2009, 73 per cent of our electricity came from renewable sources and the government aims to increase this to 90 per cent by 2025."

New Zealand officials are currently working through the domestic policy process to gain the necessary approval to join IRENA. 

Officially established in Bonn last year, the IRENA statute has been signed by 142 States plus the European Union, with 16 ratifications so far.  Twenty-five ratifications are needed for the statute to enter into force. 

"We look forward to working closely with the IRENA secretariat on this important initiative, and playing our part to achieve IRENA's goal of accelerating the global use of renewable energy," Mr Brownlee says.

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