New Zealand given historic opportunity to choose a flag

  • Bill English
Deputy Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English says the confirmed results of the first flag referendum mean New Zealanders now have a clear choice whether to change our flag or keep our existing one.

The final results of the first of the two postal referendums have confirmed the Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue) flag by designer Kyle Lockwood as the alternative option to the existing flag.

The Commission says a total of 1,546,734 votes were cast, 48.78 percent of enrolled voters.

The Electoral Commission’s final vote count shows the winning flag received 670,790 votes.

Mr English says New Zealanders can use the summer holiday period to decide which flag they prefer.

“This is an historically significant choice we have in front of us.

“We now have some time to consider the two flags side by side and have a good think about which one of them best represents us as a nation now and into the future.

“I’d encourage everyone to have an input in this decision – even for those who didn’t vote in the first referendum, everybody eligible to vote can do so in the second, conclusive referendum.”

The second, binding referendum runs from 3-24th March 2016.

Advertising and campaigning around the second flag referendum is regulated by the Electoral Commission.

The rules are available on the Electoral Commission’s website.