New Zealand expresses deep concern at rising tensions in the Gulf of Oman

  • Rt Hon Winston Peters
Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has expressed New Zealand’s on-going and deep concern at the latest incidents in the Gulf of Oman and has condemned the recent provocative attacks on civilian shipping in the region.

“While fortunately no-one has been killed, these latest attacks on vessels near the Strait of Hormuz are dramatically raising tensions in the region, and could have wider consequences,” said Mr Peters.

The most recent incidents come on the back of previous attacks on vessels in the Gulf in May and the rocket attacks on a Saudi airport earlier this month.

“The safety and security of international waters is of great importance to all trading nations,” said Mr Peters.

“At this time any misstep or a miscalculation could lead to a serious escalation. As this Government stated in a press release on 10 May, we call on all parties involved to exercise caution, restraint and common-sense and to avoid steps that could undermine peace and security in the region.”