New Zealand Consumers Benefit

  • Maurice Williamson

New Zealand consumers are now enjoying the benefits of this country's light handed regulatory environment for the telecommunications industry, announced the Minister of Communications Hon Maurice Williamson today.

The Minister's comments followed a speech today in Australia by New Zealand Commerce Commission Chairman, Peter Allport.

Mr Allport speaking to an Australian business audience said, New Zealanders have gained many benefits from the increased competition in telecommunication services. Including access to new technologies and particularly lower prices.

"My advice to critics of our telecommunications regime is to sit up and take notice of the results," the Minister said.

"The Statistics New Zealand survey of the Consumer Price Index of residential telecommunication charges clearly shows the cost of long distance calls has gone down by some 35% in the last six months.

"The further round of price reductions announced this month is a continuing demonstration that a light handed regulatory policy putting emphasis on open market entry, commercial negotiation and general competition law has resulted in real gains for New Zealand consumers," Mr Williamson said.