New Zealand Cherry Industry Gets Access To Korea

  • Dr Lockwood Smith

Korea has agreed to allow imports of New Zealand cherries, Trade Minister Lockwood Smith announced today after arriving back from Korea on Saturday.

"During my discussions in Seoul last week, the Korean Agriculture Minister Kim Sung-hoon undertook to have the procedures for access completed shortly," Dr Smith said. "I hope we will see a trial shipment take place this season to a market which could be worth several million dollars to the industry each year."

Dr Smith said the agreement on cherries also provided a valuable precedent for dealing with phytosanitary approvals for other stonefruit exports to Korea, such as nectarines and peaches.

"We see Korea as eventually becoming a major market for New Zealand summerfruit," he said.

The New Zealand cherry industry earned over $8 million in the year to June, mainly from three APEC economies: Taiwan ($4.8 million), the People's Republic of China ($1.3 million) and Japan ($600,000). The cherry season runs from December to January.