New Zealand Can Manage its Year 2000 Risk

  • Maurice Williamson
Information Technology

"I want to totally reinforce the Prime Minister's statement that computer problems associated with the Year 2000 are manageable and serious disruption can be avoided if remedial action is taken now," Minister for Information Technology Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson's comments follow the release today of the Prime Minister's Task Force Report on the Year 2000 problem which acknowledges that it is not too late to effectively deal with Y2K issues.

"The Y2K Task Force Readiness Report clearly outlines the next steps required to ensure New Zealand is prepared to deal with the contingencies arising from the Year 2000 software problem," the Minister said.

"Organisations and individuals who may have ignored the seriousness of this problem must now take action.

"Government is taking a proactive role to the Year 2000 problem with the establishment of a Y2K Readiness Commission. The Commission will be Chaired by Basil Logan with David Henry as Deputy Chair and will be charged with raising awareness and the understanding of the problem.

"An important focus of the Commission's work will be to explore ways to share information on testing results and regimes.

"Government recognises the need to ensure on behalf of all New Zealanders that our vital infrastructure is not put at risk either by negligence or an underestimation of the seriousness posed by the Year 2000 software problem.

"I look forward to working with the Y2K Readiness Commission and I congratulate the Task Force on a clear and concise overview of New Zealand Year 2000 readiness and also on their presentation of a strategy to manage any possible risk," Mr Williamson said.

The Task Force Report and the Government response has been posted on