New Zealand and Tuvalu sign statement of partnership

  • Rt Hon Winston Peters
Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has today visited Tuvalu where he met Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga.

During the visit, Minister Peters and Prime Minister Soponga signed the New Zealand-Tuvalu Statement of Partnership, which prioritises working together on climate change, workforce development and regional security.

“Our short term goal, and that of the Government of Tuvalu, is to ensure that the people of Tuvalu can stay in Tuvalu, and have the skills, resources and infrastructure to adapt to changing climatic conditions.”

“Over the long term, New Zealand is talking to Pacific Island partners about a regional response on climate mitigation and adaption.”

Mr Peters also acknowledged the strong links between Tuvalu and New Zealand that bind the two countries.

“I mention the Tuvalu Servicemen from Nanumea who enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces and Māori Battalion in World War One; the contributions of 3,500 Tuvaluans who call New Zealand home; the 90 Tuvaluan workers who come to New Zealand each year to work as seasonal employees and bring their income back home to support their families and Tuvalu’s economic prosperity.”

While in Tuvalu, Mr Peters viewed a new Government of Tuvalu Fisheries Building funded by New Zealand and unveiled a plaque.

“Both New Zealand and Tuvalu are fishing nations. We depend on the sustainable management of oceans’ resources for sustenance and income, now and for future generations.” 

“Tuvalu has enjoyed remarkable successes as part of regional tuna management arrangements with its Pacific neighbours,” Mr Peters says.

We are delighted to partner with Tuvalu to enable participation in these initiatives, which build environmental, social and economic resilience”.