New system to make property transactions easier

  • Louise Upston
Land Information

A new online system will streamline property transactions and make it easier to link property information held across central and local government, says Land Information Minister Louise Upston.

“Every day, kiwis buy and sell homes, subdivide land and build new houses. Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) processes more than 3.5 million transactions and property information searches a year,” says Ms Upston.

“But the current system for this is aging and in need of replacement. It uses technology that was cutting edge in the 90s but which no longer reflects the way LINZ’s customers work. The new system – Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS) – will ensure that the cost and time for these transactions remains low, and will make the most of changes in technology.

“Improvements will include an online search so property buyers can get title information without specialist help. It’ll be a more interactive system for surveyors and conveyancers. They’ll be able to plug their own software into the system to reduce rework, use it on tablets and mobiles, and represent property boundaries in 3D.

“It will also give us the ability to link property information held across central and local government, like ratings valuations and titles. This function is essential to the Government’s work towards Integrated Property Services, which will make it easier and quicker for property owners, builders and developers to get what they need.” 

LINZ is taking an ‘as a service’ approach to developing ASaTS. Instead of paying a vendor to build a system that LINZ would then own, LINZ will select a vendor that can deliver a suitable system that LINZ will pay to use – similar to renting. LINZ will still own property data.

“The as a service approach will deliver the same benefits to customers while LINZ continues to do what it does best. LINZ staff will continue to use the system to process and quality assure New Zealand’s property transactions.”

More information about ASaTS is available on the LINZ website