• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

The new Technology New Zealand scheme has been hailed by the Minister of Research, Science and Technology the Hon
Maurice Williamson as the bridge between publicly funded research and the private sector.

Technology New Zealand has been established to unlock business growth potential as part of the Government's commitment to addressing barriers that limit the ability of business to develop and apply technology for growth.

Speaking this afternoon in Christchurch at the second of four launch functions for Technology New Zealand, Mr Williamson said the campaign will improve and promote the overall range of science and technology and its role in New Zealand

"Technology New Zealand will be managed by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology and will consist of three components; Techlink - new technologies focus, Technology for Business Growth - innovation within companies and Graduates in Industry Fellowships - increasing the numbers of science and technology graduates within New Zealand companies.

"How we move from the Information Age to the Knowledge Society will be pursued in a number of ways, Technology New Zealand is one of these, as is the Foresight Project being conducted by the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology.

"We now have in place initiatives linking into and running in tandem with the Public Good Science Fund and it is these initiatives which are now moving away from the traditional research paradigm into the Foresight Process.

"Technology New Zealand is a vital part in the process of New Zealand becoming a knowledge society," said Mr Williamson.

Technology New Zealand -

Launch of Technology New Zealand
Wednesday 3 September 5.30pm
Palmerston North:
Thursday 4 September 12.30pm
Coachman Hotel