• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

Minister of Research, Science and Technology Maurice Williamson speaking at today's opening of Victoria University's newly established School of Chemical and Physical Sciences and BScTech degree programme, welcomed the School's introduction as an opportunity for New Zealand.

The School has been formed through an integration of the Chemistry and Physics Departments. The aim is to provide for the development of collaborative research and teaching activities in the two disciplines.

Mr Williamson said the new school and degree programme were targeted at students with a background in science who wish to progress to a career in science-based industry; in research, or in management.

"Of the many benefits for students will be exposure to the excitement of research and an opportunity to acquire a lifelong self-learning capacity which in turn will help us with the aim of encouraging more science graduates to seek careers in this area.

"Research carried out within universities is also a vital element of our national innovation system. It is parallel and no less important to the strand of research undertaken in the dedicated research institutes.

"This decade has continued with change at all levels of our society and we are now emerging with a better understanding of the fact that New Zealand as a knowledge society will be influenced by the way we respond to the knowledge revolution.

"I congratulate Victoria University on their foresight and wish both staff and students great success," said Mr Williamson.