New Roading Appointments

  • Maurice Williamson

The Minister of Transport Hon Maurice Williamson has today announced the the reappointment of board members to both Transit New Zealand and Transfund New Zealand.

Reappointed to the Transit New Zealand Board are: Robert Browne, the Chair of Transit, for two years until April 2000; Robert Thompson, the Deputy Chair, also for a period of two years and Nicola Shadbolt, for one year.

"New Zealand roading policy is in a period of considerable progress and change therefore the extensive experience of these board members places an undeniable need to retain them on the board of Transit New Zealand," the Minister said.

Reappointed to the Transfund New Zealand Board are: Helen Anderson, the Deputy Chair of Transfund, for three years until June 2001; John Anderson, also for a period of three years: and David Dew, for two years until June 2000.

"As with the reappointments to Transit New Zealand these members of the Transfund Board have the skills, strategic knowledge and experience that are needed during the development of our new direction for roading," the Minister said.