• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

Prime Minister and National Party Leader Jenny Shipley today announced the appointment of National Party spokespeople who will work alongside New Zealand First Ministers in their portfolio areas.

"This is an opportunity for MPs to become familiar with specific policy and organisational matters in departments of Government. It also provides MPs with an opportunity to demonstrate that they can form a close working relationship with members of the Coalition."

(The new assignments for National MPs are attached.)

"National Ministers have built relationships with the New Zealand First spokespeople in many areas that have contributed positively to policy development. I am confident the process can work equally well with National spokespeople assigned to New Zealand First Ministers.

"Every National Party MP has a part to play in delivering good government."

Mrs Shipley says she will also next month be announcing new responsibilities for National MPs in the areas of strategic management, Caucus committee chairs, and key party-parliamentary wing policy and liaison roles.

"I will be discussing these with my colleagues as we prepare for a busy and exciting year next year," Mrs Shipley concluded.