New proposal for screening of PKE

  • Nathan Guy
Primary Industries

Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy is welcoming a proposal to bring in compulsory screening of palm kernel expeller (PKE) imported into New Zealand.

PKE is imported mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia and is used by the dairy industry as supplementary stock feed.

“The proposal from the Ministry for Primary Industries is that all PKE must be passed through a 4-6mm size screen on entry to New Zealand and before going on sale. There will also be added requirements for record keeping and traceability.

“It’s important to note there are already tough conditions in place for imports, including heat treatment, fumigation and inspection. On top of this new standards were introduced in June ensuring that in-market facilities are Government approved.

“Around 70% of PKE imports are already screened in New Zealand. However, this new proposal would give greater reassurances and remove any possible metal contaminants that could harm animals. It will also have biosecurity benefits.

“This would be a practical step to standardise practices within the industry. I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback on the proposal,” says Mr Guy.

The draft notice is now available for consultation at:

Submissions will be received until 18 October 2013.