New Ministry will drive innovation

  • Wayne Mapp
Science and Innovation

The Government is backing innovation to drive New Zealand’s economy forward and raise New Zealanders’ standard of living, Science and Innovation Minister Wayne Mapp said today.

Prime Minister John Key today launched the new Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI), to spearhead the Government’s drive to increase and improve bringing innovative new products to the market, and to get maximum benefits from science.

“To grow, New Zealand needs to raise productivity, diversify our exports and become a smart economy. We need to develop more efficient ways of working and better, more valuable products to sell to the world,” Dr Mapp said.

The new Ministry will work closely with business, research organisations, the Ministry of Economic Development and other government agencies to drive science and innovation.

The Ministry will also play a vital role in protecting New Zealand’s social and economic potential through funding science in areas as diverse as the environment, health, geology and marine surroundings.

“As a small country, New Zealand needs all the key players working in partnership to enhance innovation. New Zealanders are renowned for their innovative talent,” the Minister said.

“We need to share and develop those ideas, so that they can be turned into the smart products and processes that will grow our economy and support a better society.

“MSI will harness the abundant talent for science and innovation in New Zealand by building links between government, science and business, and directing the increased investment in research and development that will help firms to expand.

“The Government is working to change the focus of New Zealand’s economy from one dominated by borrowing and spending to savings and exports. Investing in science and innovation is one of the key ways of doing this,” Dr Mapp said.