New milestone in heavy vehicle fuel efficiency

  • Simon Bridges
Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges says an agreement signed between the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and one of New Zealand’s largest trucking companies is a significant milestone for the Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Programme.

“EECA has been working with industry groups since 2012 to increase awareness of the potential for fuel efficiency and I am delighted the HW Richardson Group is now on board, with 800 trucks in 30 fleets nationwide consuming 19 million litres of fuel per year.

“I announced an extension to the Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Programme earlier this year as one of four carbon saving energy efficiency projects, to improve business productivity, save money and reduce carbon emissions.

“Once fully implemented, the programme is expected to result in New Zealand’s heavy vehicle fleets saving a total of 17 million litres of diesel per year, and reduce carbon emissions by approximately 45,900 tonnes a year, which is equivalent to the carbon emissions released by 16,000 cars.”  

EECA’s Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Programme guides fleets through a review of their business which includes: fuel data management, driver training practices, vehicle maintenance and selection and a number of other areas, as well as helping to implement initiatives and monitor resulting changes to ensure the savings are sustained over the long term. 

“With good information, businesses can make smart choices which will more than pay for themselves through direct savings.  There are also a number of other benefits like emission reductions, and increased productivity and competitiveness,” says Mr Bridges.

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