New Group to Capitalise on Sydney 2000 Olympics

  • Murray McCully

It may be across the Tasman, but New Zealand has a lot to benefit from the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Prime Minister Jim Bolger today released details of a new group, the Sydney 2000 Taskforce as part of a Millennium structure.

The Minister responsible for establishing the group, Tourism & Sport, Fitness and Leisure Minister, Murray McCully said the Taskforce was necessary to ensure New Zealand took full advantage of the opportunities created by the Olympic Games in Sydney.

"Sydney 2000 are Australasia's Games and it is important that we have New Zealand representatives watching and monitoring the developments across the Tasman to ensure we don't let any chances go by. "

Mr McCully said the Taskforce was made up of represenatives from various sectors and was designed to both monitor and maximise on the diverse range of opportunities the event created.

"The Sydney 2000 Olympics are much more than just a sporting event, they present opportunities for New Zealand in trade, tourism and cultural activities as well," he said.

The members of the Taskforce will be Chief Executive Officers from The Hillary Commission, The NZTB, Tradenz, The New Zealand Olympic Committee, The New Zealand Sports Foundation and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

This new group succeeds the, now disbanded, New Zealand 2000 Taskforce.

For further information please contact:
Cas Carter
Private Secretary Tourism
Ph: (04)4719569 (Office)



To coordinate and facilitate the trade, tourism, cultural and sporting opportunities for New Zealand inherent in the Sydney Olympic Games. The Taskforce will:
Seek opportunities for New Zealand to attract overseas investments
Promote New Zealand as a destination for pre and post Games travel
Ensure New Zealand is included in the Olympic Torch Relay
Seek employment opportunities for New Zealanders
Secure New Zealand participation in the Olympic Arts Festival
Ensure New Zealand venues are included in the SOCOG handbook for pre-Games training
Seek acceptance of New Zealand firms in the Olympic Brand Merchandising programme
Ensure New Zealand and Australian firms get preference over other suppliers for Olympic contracts

Fran Wilde Tradenz
Paul Winter New Zealand Tourism Board
Mike Hooper New Zealand Olympic Committee
Chris Ineson New Zealand Sport Foundation
Peter Blake Team New Zealand
Peter Dale Hillary Commission
Mr Peter Dale (Chair). Peter Dale has been the Chief Executive of the Hillary Commission for Sport, Fitness and Leisure since 1991. He has been involved in sport administration and developemnt for many years. Through his work with the Hillary Commission has supported over 40 international sporting events in New Zealand over the last five years.

He is a member of the New Zealand Rugby Union Steering Committee for the bid for the Rugby World Cup 2003, and is President of the Wellington Halberg Trustees. His sporting passions are yachting, rugby and golf.