New framework for bus and ferry public transport

  • Gerry Brownlee

A new framework delivering better value for money from bus and ferry services has been approved by Cabinet, Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced.

The Public Transport Operating Model will enable regional councils and public transport operators to develop a public-private partnership to improve the delivery of public transport services through collaborative planning and investment.

“Both central and local government need to get the best value for money from investment in public transport, but there is an increasing gap between the costs of providing public transport services and patronage growth,” Mr Brownlee said.

“Implementing this new model will provide better value for money by incentivising investment from the private sector and improving the design of public transport networks by regional councils.

“Over time this will lead to reduced reliance on subsidies and increased patronage. Public transport users will be able to look forward to better integration of services, a better quality of buses and a greater focus on customer needs. Ratepayers and road users who help fund public transport services will get better value for money from their investment in public transport.”

Mr Brownlee acknowledged the work of councils and operators in working with central government on the model.

“Right from the start this model has been developed in partnership between the government, the three largest regional councils and operators. Each party has a stake in delivering affordable urban bus and ferry services that people want to use, and the development of the Public Transport Operating Model is another step towards achieving this.”

Fully implementing the model will require legislative change. Public transport services are currently regulated under the Public Transport Management Act 2008. It is proposed that the Act be repealed and its provisions incorporated into the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (LTMA).

More information on the Public Transport Operating Model is available on the Ministry of Transport website: