New Era in Postal Services

  • Maurice Williamson

New Zealand's competitive postal environment is now offering consumers greater choice and better prices, Minister of Communications Hon Maurice Williamson said today.

Mr Williamson was speaking at this morning's launch of Fastway Post's new retail service in Napier.

"A total of 10 postal operators are now registered with the Ministry of Commerce, with many more companies providing courier and counter services around the country," the Minister said.

"Small postal businesses in Kaikoura and New Plymouth have already slashed 25 per cent off New Zealand Post's across - town delivery charge, and Fastway's entry into the market means that postal services will be more accessible and consumers will have greater choice of services.

"Postal services can be a significant part of a modern business cost structure.

'If competition can deliver cheaper services, firms will be able to pass on cost - savings to their customers. Retail consumers will benefit either from reduced prices or improved services.

"It is great to see Fastway and others taking advantage of the opportunities offered by deregulation of the letter market," Mr Williamson said