New era for better health in Aotearoa New Zealand

  • New nationwide public health system
  • 20 district health boards disestablished and deficits wiped
  • 82,000 health employees directly employed by Health New Zealand
  • $24 billion health budget this year – up 43% since Labour took office in 2017 – in addition to separate funding for the new Ministry for Disabled People

The Government has today delivered a nationwide health system that will ensure better outcomes for all New Zealanders with the establishment of Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand, and Te Aka Whai Ora - the Māori Health Authority.

“Our health system had become complex and fragmented. 20 different district health boards meant the healthcare you got depended on where you lived. It was a postcode lottery and a true nationwide health service will change that,” Health Minister Andrew Little said.

“Ultimately this is about improving access to healthcare on the basis of need for all New Zealanders, no matter who they are, their ethnicity or gender, or whether they’re urban or rural.

“The launch of the new health system is the start of Pae Ora (healthy futures) and means we will have fewer people getting so sick they need to go to hospital. We will be able to better support our health workforce and take advantage of new technologies.

“Today is just the start. The next step is to develop the healthcare plan that will guide and determine service delivery across the country and the health charter for our health workforce.

“We’re leading the change needed so kiwis have a health system we can be proud of today, and for generations to come,” Andrew Little said.

“Today is another step in a remarkable journey towards a better future for Māori Health. I am proud of the work we have done as a government to establishment the Māori Health Authority, but today would not have been possible without the many Māori leaders who have navigated this waka for decades,” Associate Health Minister (Māori) Peeni Henare said.

“It is now time for the Māori Health Authority to guide our waka, and to carve a new future direction for all Māori. Māori will work in partnership with Health NZ to deliver a future where we are healthier, live longer and have access to services that meet our needs,” Peeni Henare said.

Under the new health system the permanent entities and their boards replace the fragmented 20-DHB system, the new public health agency is formally established within the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry’s stewardship role is strengthened.

Since the health system overhaul announcement April 2021 milestones include:

  • Budget 2022 creating new multi-year budgets and record ongoing annual funding boosts,
  • the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act being passed
  • Launching locality pilots,  
  • early commissioning work by the interim Māori Health Authority,
  • the announcement of multi-disciplinary taskforces to address urgent national issues, including planned care.

The names of the organisations Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand and Te Aka Whai Ora - the Māori Health Authority - reflect the Māori Crown partnership and intent to deliver for all New Zealanders, including Māori, with the focus on a health system grounded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

“Following this morning’s ceremony in Waitangi we can now formally use these names. I have every confidence the entities will work to uphold the mana carried not only in these names but in their purpose to deliver pae ora across Aotearoa,” Peeni Henare said.

Te Aka Whai Ora - the Māori Health Authority is an equal partner at the heart of the new health system. It is able to co-commission and plan services across the system with Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand as well as commission its own kaupapa Māori services. Iwi Māori Partnership Boards will ensure whānau have a real voice in developing of services can be tailored to better reflect those who need and use them.


Editor’s notes:

Te Whatu Ora is ‘the weaving of wellness’, although there are other conceptual meanings to the name, with references to the vision required of the new health system, and the ability to look clearly at our past and see clearly into our future. 

Aka Whai Ora has a strong wairua (spiritual) foundation in the pūrākau (ancient legend) of Tāwhaki’s search for ancestral knowledge, with ‘whai ora’ being the pursuit of health and wellbeing. In this regard, Te Aka Whai Ora is a nod to the ancestral world and the firm vision of a healthy future for all.  

Board Members:

Te Whatu Ora  - Health New Zealand Board: Rob Campbell (Chair), Dame Karen Poutasi, Hon Amy Adams, Vanessa Stoddart, Dr Curtis Walker, Tipa Mahuta (as Māori Health Authority Chair). Two members are yet to be appointed.

Te Aka Whai Ora – Māori Health Authority: Tipa Mahuta (Chair), Sharon Shea, Prof Sue Crengle, Fiona Pimm, Dr Mataroria Lyndon, Awerangi Tamihere. Two members are yet to be appointed. 

The interim Hauora Māori Advisory Committee provided the Government with advice on the future requirements for the board of the Māori Health Authority, its membership, and its chair-person arrangements, based on the Māori Health Authority’s role in the future system, the functions it will discharge and the relationships and accountability arrangements it will have. This advice was accepted by the Government in full.


  • This Government commissioned the landmark 2018 Health and Disability System Review. It found we had 20 disconnected health systems that didn’t put patients at the heart of healthcare
  • April 2021 health reforms announcement
  • The establishment of locality pilots
  • The enactment of the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act
  • Budget 2022 investment (Min Little post budget Speech)
  • Landmark reform: new multi-year budgets for better planning and more consistent health services
  • Record ongoing annual funding boost for Health NZ to meet cost pressures and start with a clean slate as it replaces fragmented DHB system ($1.8 billion year one, as well as additional $1.3 billion in year two)
  • The standing-up of multi-disciplinary taskforces addressing urgent national issues, including planned care (Min Little: Speech), immunisation and workforce
  • The Interim Government Policy Statement has been released today.

He wā hou mō te hauoranga ki roto o Aotearoa

  • He pūnaha hauora tūmatanui hou
  • E 20 ngā poari hauora ā-rohe kua turakina, ko ngā ngoikoretanga kua whakakorea
  • E 82,000 ngā kaimahi hauora kua whiwhi mahi mō Te Whatu Ora
  • He $24-piriona te tahua putea Hauora 2022 - he kakenga putea he 43-ōrau te nui ake i te tau 2017, tera i whakatū ko Reipa te Kawanatanga. I whakawatea hoki he putea motuhake mo te Manatū Tangata Whaikaha.

Nō te rā nei whakarewangia ai te pūnaha hauora ā-motu e pai ake ai ngā putanga hua mō ngāi Aotearoa mā roto i te whakapūmautanga mai o Te Whatu Ora me Te Aka Whai Ora (i mua ko Hauora Aotearoa, ko Te Mana Hauora Māori).

“I tino uaua, i noho wehewehe tā tātou pūnaha hauora. Ko ngā tautiakitanga i whakawhiwhia ki a koe Nā ngā poari hauora ā-rohe rerekē e 20 i tau ai ngā tautiakitanga i runga i te wāhi e noho nā koe. He whakawhiwhinga ā-rohe, ā, tūturu mā te ratonga hauora ā-motu nei ka rerekē ai,” te kōrero a te Minita mō ngā Take Hauora, a Andrew Little.

“I te otinga atu, ko te tino kaupapa he whakapai ake i ngā torotoronga ki ngā tautiakitanga hauora i runga i ngā hiahia a ngāi Aotearoa katoa, ahakoa ko wai, ahakoa nō tēhea iwi, ahakoa te ira, mēnā rānei e noho taone ana, e noho tuawhenua ana hoki.”

“Ko te whakamānutanga o te pūnaha hauora te tīmatanga o Pae Ora, ā, tōna tikanga ka heke te tokomaha o te hunga māuiui ki ngā hohipera. Ka pai ake te tuku tautoko ki ngā kaimahi hauora, me te whakamātau hoki i ngā hangarau hou.”

“He tīmatanga noa tēnei rā. Ko te mahi e whai nei ko te waihanga i te mahere tautiaki hei ārahi, hei whakatau hoki i ngā tutukitanga ratonga puta noa i te motu, tae noa ki te tūtohinga hauora mō ngā kaimahi hauora.”

“Ko mātou kei te arataki i ngā hurihuringa e whakahī ai a Aotearoa i tēnei pūnaha hauora, ā, mō ngā whakareanga e whai mai ana,” te kōrero a Andrew Little.

“He hīkoitanga whakahirahira tēnei rā mō te anamata o te hauora o ngāi Māori. E tino whakahī ana au i ngā mahi kua tutuki i a mātou ki te whakapūmau i Te Aka Whai Ora, heoi, e kore tēnei rā e ārikarika i te korenga o ngā kaihautū Māori katoa nā rātou tēnei waka i urungi i roto i ngā tau maha,” te kōrero a te Minita Tuarua mō ngā Take Hauora (Māori), a Peeni Henare.

“Kua tae te wā kia aratakina tēnei waka e Te Aka Whai Ora, me te whakairo ake hoki i tētahi ahunga roa hou mō ngāi Māori. Ka mahi kōtui atu a ngāi Māori me Te Whatu Ora ki te whakatutuki i te anamata whai hauora, inā rā, e ora rawa ai, ā, e whai wāhi ai hoki ki ngā ratonga e tutuki ai ō tātou hiahia,” te kōrero a Peeni Henare.

I raro i te pūnaha hauora hou, mā ngā hinonga tūturu nei me ngā poari e whakakapi i te pūnaha poari hauora ā-rohe noho tīwehe; ka ōkawatia te whakapūmautanga o te tari hauora tūmatanui hou i roto i te Manatū Hauora, ā, mā konei kaha ake ai ngā mahi kaitiakitanga a te Manatū.

Mai i te pānuitanga o te whakahoutanga o te pūnaha hauora i te marama o Aperira, 2021, e whai ake nei ko ngā tutukitanga:

  • Nā te Tahua 2022 i hangaia mai ai ngā tahua tau maha, me te tītinatanga o ngā tahua pūtea ā-tau
  • Te whakamanatanga o Te Pire Pae Ora
  • Te whakarewatanga o ngā paerata ā-rohe  
  • Ngā kawenga mahi o mua, he mea kōkiri nā Te Aka Whai Ora nō mua
  • Te pānuitanga o ngā ohumahi pūkenga-rau hei whakatūtaki i ngā take ā-motu, tae noa ki ngā taunakitanga kua maheretia.

Ka whakaata ngā ingoa o ngā wāhi mahi - Te Whatu Ora me Te Aka Whai Ora – i te kōtuitanga a ngāi Māori me te Karauna, me āna hiahia mō ngāi Aotearoa katoa, tae noa ki a ngāi Māori, i runga i te aro ki tēnei pūnaha hauora e noho pūmau ana ki Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

“Whai muri mai i ngā mahi whakanui ki Waitangi i tēnei ata, ka ōkawatia te whakamahinga o ēnei ingoa. E whakapono nui ana au ka whai mana ngā ingoa nei e ēnei hinonga, ka manawanui hoki ki te tino iho kia tutuki pai ai a pae ora puta noa i Aotearoa,” te kōrero a Peeni Henare.

He kōtuinga toharite a Te Aka Whai Ora kei te iho tonu o te pūnaha hauora hou. Ka āhei te whakarite i ngā kawenga mahi me ngā maheretanga ratonga puta noa i te pūnaha i te taha o Te Whatu Ora, me te whakarite hoki i ōna ake ratonga Māori. Mā ngā Poari Kōtuitanga ā-Iwi ka whai reo ai ngā whānau ki te waihanga ratonga e hāngai pū ana ki ō rātou ake hiahia, tae noa ki te whakatutukitanga hoki.


Ngā pitopito kōrero ki te Etita:

Ko te whatunga o te oranga a Te Whatu Ora, ā, ahakoa he maha ngā whakamāoritanga mō tēnei ingoa, inā hoki, ko ngā kōrero hāngai ake ki te whakakitenga nui e tika ana mō te pūnaha hauora hou, me te mārama hoki o te titiro whakamuri kia mārama ai te titiro whakamua.

He wairua kaha tō Te Aka Whai Ora i tōna hāngai ki te pūrākau mō Tāwhaki, i tōna rapu i te mātauranga. Ko te ‘whai ora’, ko te rapunga o te oranga me te hauora hoki. Nā konei ka whakanui Te Aka Whai Ora i te ao o ngā tīpuna, me te pūmau hoki ki te whakakitenga kia hauoranga ai hei ngā rā ki tua.

Ngā Mema Poari:

Te Whatu Ora  - Health New Zealand Board: Rob Campbell (Toihau), Kahurangi Karen Poutasi, Hōnore Amy Adams, Vanessa Stoddart, Dr Curtis Walker, Tipa Mahuta (e noho ana hei Toihau mō Te Aka Whai Ora). Tokorua ngā mema kāore anō kia kopoua.

Te Aka Whai Ora – Māori Health Authority: Tipa Mahuta (Toihau), Sharon Shea, Ahorangi Sue Crengle, Fiona Pimm, Tākuta Mataroria Lyndon, Awerangi Tamihere. Tokorua ngā mema kāore anō kia kopoua.

Nā te Komiti Whiriwhiri Hauora Māori mō tēnei wā i tohutohu ki te kāwanatanga mō ngā hiahia a te poari mō Te Aka Whai Ora hei ā muri ake nei, ngā mema me ngā whakaritenga a te toihau, i runga i ngā mahi a Te Aka Whai Ora ki tēnei pūnaha; ngā kawenga mahi ka whāia, ngā tūhonotanga me āna whakaritenga takohanga. I whakaaetia katoatia ēnei tohutohu e te kāwanatanga.


  • I whakaritea ngā mahi Arotake i te Pūnaha Hauora, Hauā 2018 e te kāwanatanga. I kitea ake e tīwehewehe ana te noho o ngā pūnaha hauora e 20 kāore nei i āta manaaki i ngā tūroro.
  • Te pānuitanga o ngā whakahoutanga hauora, Aperira 2021
  • Te whakapūmautanga o ngā paerata ā-rohe
  • Te whakatītinatanga o Te Pire Pae Ora
  • Ngā haumitanga Tahua 2022 (te kauhau tahua a Minita Little)
  • Ngā whakahoutanga Landmark: ngā tahua tau maha hou kia pai ake ngā mahi mahere mō ngā ratonga hauora
  • Ngā tauhua whakapiki pūtea o runga rawa kia kauparetia e Te Whatu Ora ngā tāmitanga utu, mōna e whakakapi nei i te pūnaha poari hauora ā-rohe noho tīwehe ($1.8 piriona mō te tau tuatahi, ā, $1.3 piriona hei āpititanga i te tau tuarua)
  • Te tūnga o ngā ohumahi pūkenga-rau hei whakatūtaki i ngā take ā-motu, arā, ko ngā taunakitanga ka whakamaheretia (Minita Little: Kauhau), ārainga mate, ahumahi hoki.
  • Nō tēnei rā hoki whakarewangia ai te Pūrongo Kaupapahere Taupua a te Kāwanatanga, ā kua tāpirihia atu ki tēnei pānui.