New Driver Licences Under $30

  • Maurice Williamson

The new ten year driver licences proposed under the Land Transport Bill will cost under $30 for existing licence holders, Minister of Transport Hon Maurice Williamson announced today.

"Existing licence holders will pay less than $30 and the cost for a first time licence will be $48. Government has negotiated down the contract with suppliers and will meet any shortfall from general revenue. This is the result of tight contracting and an efficient delivery mechanism produced by the LTSA," the Minister said.

"The new fee is also a response to the strong representations from Members of Parliament and organisations like the AA.

"The Land Transport Bill ensures increased road safety and enforcement for all New Zealanders, only possible through the introduction of a new licence system.

"The new photo licence is integral to our road safety package as it will enable police to immediately and accurately identify the driver of a vehicle they have stopped.

"We are getting tough on repeat and hardcore offenders and the Land Transport Bill targets repeat offenders, disqualified drivers and unlicensed drivers.

"This legislation will enable police to confiscate a vehicle at the roadside immediately an offender is apprehended.

"The Bill targets tough enforcement measures at drivers who drive while disqualified, who are unlicenced, have twice the blood alcohol level or who are driving at 50 kilometres over the speed limit.

"Significant progress has already been made in reducing the road toll but just one life sacrificed in a year at the hands of a repeat offender is totally unacceptable when we can prevent it.

"The Land Transport Bill is the solution.

"Today's announcement delivers a road safety measure that is not only financially acceptable but meets the wishes of the majority of New Zealanders," Mr Williamson said.