• John Luxton
Land Information

Minister in Charge of Land Information New Zealand John Luxton today launched NZ Geodetic Datum 2000 the new, globally-compatible, co-ordinate system.

"The new geodetic system opens up the world as we enter the 21st Century. It will greatly benefit surveyors, local authorities and people who use the Global Positioning System (GPS) with maps, navigation charts and land databases."

"It is also compatible with the GPS co-ordinate system, the satellite-based measuring technology used worldwide for everything from car navigation and search and rescue to surveying. Many small boat owners use GPS for navigation."

NZGD 2000 uses a more accurate model of the Earth to better position New Zealand globally. The new system replaces an older, local system, New Zealand Geodetic Datum 1949 (NZGD49). The major difference between the two is that map co-ordinates will shift by approximately 200 metres.

LINZ's new topographic maps and hydrographic charts are progressively being aligned with the new system. NZGD 2000 may also become the new basis for digital land information databases owned by such organisations as local authorities, the New Zealand Police, the New Zealand Defence Force and the Ministry of Emergency Management (formerly Civil Defence).

"Recently produced navigation charts are already compatible with the new system. Current topographical maps and older navigation charts reference the old system and are still perfectly fine. "

"Trampers and others who use GPS receivers with existing maps presently have to make a 200 metre adjustment. If you don't use a GPS receiver then nothing changes. Just use your map and compass and/or local landmarks and navigate as normal."