New Child, Youth And Whanau Department

  • Tony Ryall
Youth Affairs

Questions and Answers:

How many jobs are affected and what is the cost of redundancies?
The only jobs directly affected by formation of the new Department are some positions in the Corporate Office of the Department of Social Welfare. Work is underway on a blueprint for the integration of the Corporate Office and the Social Policy Agency and consultation will take place with staff at the end of April. It is not, therefore, possible to indicate how many jobs might be affected or the cost of redundancies.

How many staff will there be in the new department and how many in Social Welfare:
There will be 2,300 approx in the new department. There are currently approximately 300 in Corporate and SPA - and as indicated above the final number in the department is not yet known.

What is left of DSW and what will it do now?
The Wellington based Social Policy Agency and Corporate Office of the Department will remain as a unit. A reduction in the support functions associated with departure of the department's remaining business unit is expected. The Department will be responsible for: policy relating to income maintenance, social services, housing and senior citizens; strategic and intersectoral development such as strengthening families; monitoring and purchase advice for WINZ, the Dept of Child, Youth and Whanau Services, the Housing Corporation and Community Housing Ltd; Information Techology Services for the sector; legislative management and social research, evaluation and forecasting.

What's the cost of this?
There will be a one off cost of $2.34 million in the next financial year to establish the Department of Child, Youth and Whanau Services and to effect changes to the remaining Department of Social Welfare. In the long term there will be savings because of the altered Corporate structure. Other than this, the department will operate within existing resources.

What will the money be spent on?
Staff costs in DSW and in the new Department costs associated with change management, signage and branding, accommodation and information technology.

Why is this area being restructured again when it was only merged this year?
Moving the integrated unit to a stand alone department is a natural progression which was flagged prior to the integration being undertaken. In effect most of the work to establish the department has been undertaken within DSW and so a smooth transition is assured.

Will frontline services be affected?
No. All staff are transferring to the new department. What difference will families see?
Families will begin to see a more effective department delivering highly coordinated services to improve the ability of families to nurture and care for their children. Over time there will also be a better weighting between the investment of resources in preventive services as opposed to remedial assistance.