New Animal Welfare Strategy released

  • Nathan Guy
Primary Industries

Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy has launched the New Zealand Animal Welfare Strategy today, setting out a high level framework for how we treat animals.

“The strategy Animal Welfare Matters sets out a formal foundation for New Zealand’s animal welfare legislation and policy,” says Mr Guy.

“It says that it matters how animals are treated, and that we have responsibilities toward animals. It also says that using animals for activities like farming and racing is acceptable as long as it is humane.”

The strategy lists four main routes to improved animal welfare:

  • Better planning to prevent animal welfare problems;
  • Better animal husbandry, science and technology;
  • Clear expectations and sanctions, with help for people to comply; and
  • Measuring animal welfare performance.

“Animals matter to us personally. Sixty-eight percent of New Zealand households have at least one pet.

“New Zealand also earns around $20 billion a year by exporting animal products, such as meat, milk and wool. Part of why we are so successful internationally is our world-leading reputation for animal welfare. It is vital that we recognise and protect that.

“New Zealand has a proud history of caring for animals and being a world leader in this area, but we are always looking to do better.

“This document will be followed up with new legislation to be introduced shortly updating the Animal Welfare Act,” says Mr Guy.

The Strategy follows up on public consultation held last year when over 2000 public submissions were received.

The New Zealand Animal Welfare Strategy is available at: