New Ambassador to Egypt appointed

  • Murray McCully
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has appointed diplomat Barney Riley as New Zealand’s next Ambassador to Egypt.

“New Zealand has a strong trade relationship with Egypt. It is our third largest trading partner in Africa and has a growing interest in New Zealand dairy and meat,” Mr McCully says.

“Egypt is the most populous Arab country and as regional leader its stability is important for the region.  

“New Zealand’s relationship with Egypt is long-standing. New Zealand personnel have served with the Sinai Multinational Force and Observers since 1982 and the most recent commander of the force was a New Zealander.

“Egypt is currently undergoing a difficult transition period, and New Zealand is looking forward to working with a more politically inclusive, democratic Egypt,” Mr McCully says.

As Ambassador to Egypt, Mr Riley will also be accredited to Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, and Algeria.

Mr Riley was most recently a Special Adviser in the Middle East and Africa Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and has previously been posted to Iran and the World Trade Organisation in Switzerland.