National Transition Period for quake recovery

  • Gerry Brownlee
Civil Defence

Acting Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says a National Transition Period issued today will help support recovery efforts following the November 14 earthquake.

The Minister has given notice of a National Transition Period in Kaikoura, Hurunui and Marlborough Districts, which came into force at 1pm today.

A National Transition Period provides for a National Recovery Manager to coordinate recovery activity if needed across the three district councils, the Canterbury Regional Council and central government agencies.

This could be to address complex or multiregional issues that run across local boundaries, like the roading or rail network.

“We are eager to support a smooth, well-coordinated recovery to support affected communities and enable businesses, tourism and farming to get back up and running,” Mr Brownlee says.

“The issuing of the national transition notice also enables the state of local emergency in Kaikoura to be lifted at the same time.

“It’s heartening to see the recovery being well managed by the local authorities.

“A National Transition Period will help us to manage those issues with national implications, and to provide the wrap-around support to local authorities that will ensure effective recovery at a local level.

Under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002, the Minister of Civil Defence may give notice of a National Transition Period.

A National Transition Period gives both local and national civil defence emergency management authorities the ability to take action to protect people from any ongoing dangers or new ones that might arise in the transition period. It also allows communities to get on with their recovery activities.

Mr Brownlee says the Director of Civil Defence Emergency Management Sarah Stuart-Black has appointed Dave Brash as National Recovery Manager to manage recovery for the government.

Mr Brash has over 30 years’ experience working in the public sector at senior levels. Until recently he was Group Manager Planning and Investment at the NZ Transport Agency.