National on Super Accord

  • Bill Birch

The National Party has a strong commitment to the maintenance of the Multiparty Accord on Retirement Income, Finance Minister Rt Hon Bill Birch and Social Welfare Minister Hon Roger Sowry said today.

The Accord was entered into to develop certainty, sustainability and security of policy for people in, or approaching, retirement.

These remain very important objectives and National will work through the Accord to pursue them.

The Ministers said Nationals commitment to the Accord process was reiterated at todays meeting.

Obviously the Coalition Government has made policy commitments on retirement policy - the repeal of the surcharge and a referendum on a compulsory savings scheme - which it will deliver on.

These policies, however, do not prevent a multi-party approach to the superannuation issue.

By agreeing to remove the surcharge, National has adopted a position which was promoted by two other member parties of the Accord. And whether there is a compulsory savings scheme adopted will be determined by the public.

The Accord is the best means of providing a stable political environment for the discussion of superannuation issues - something the public deserves. There will clearly be ongoing issues about the public provision for retirement and the presence of the Accord will be helpful in resolving these on a multi-party basis.

The Ministers also said National wanted to see the four-yearly review of superannuation policy, announced at the time the Accord was signed in 1993, to proceed this year.