National Government Continues To Provide Strong Leadership

  • Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

"The National Government remains determined to provide economic and political leadership for New Zealand," Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said tonight.

"This Government has guided New Zealand through the transition from First-Past-the-Post to MMP and from coalition Government to minority Government.

"We have successfully led the country through the recent Asian economic downturn and intend to lead the country to a full recovery in the coming years.

"Strong political leadership is vital if New Zealand families and New Zealand businesses are to reap the benefits of low interest rates and the positive economic outlook. Ongoing irresponsible speculation about elections is doing nothing to help New Zealanders get on with their

"This Government retains 61 votes in the New Zealand Parliament. This has been the case for the majority of the period that I have been Prime Minister. The previous Prime Minister also had a one-person majority.

"I remain determined and confident that the National Government will continue to provide strong leadership with the support of others. New Zealand is in the same position as other countries, such as France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Japan, who have Governments who work with other parties and individuals in order to gain a majority.

"It is a natural consequence of MMP that the major parties in power have to work in this way with smaller parties and individuals in order to maintain political stability, and we are doing this. The voters have elected a Parliament for three years and I intend to provide the leadership necessary to go the full term," Mrs Shipley said.