National-ACT agreement announced

  • John Key
Prime Minister

16 November 2008. Image removed.Prime Minister-Designate John Key today announced the details of the confidence and supply arrangement agreed between the National and ACT parties.

"As previously indicated, ACT has agreed to give the incoming National Government support on confidence and supply," says Mr Key.

"National and ACT have many areas of common interest and both parties have shared goals, including wanting to see a more prosperous and cohesive country driven by initiative and hard work.

"There is a recognition from both sides that in order to promote strong growth in investment, employment and incomes, stable government and high levels of business confidence are required," says Mr Key.

Highlights of the agreement include an advisory group to look at ways to meet the goal of closing the income gap with Australia by 2025, mechanisms to examine various approaches in several policy areas, establishment of taskforces to review government spending, and ministerial posts outside Cabinet for ACT Leader Rodney Hide and MP Heather Roy.

Mr Hide will be appointed Minister of Local Government, Minister for Regulatory Reform and Associate Minister of Commerce.

Mrs Roy will be appointed Minister of Consumer Affairs, Associate Minister of Defence and Associate Minister of Education.

"ACT has agreed to support the legislation required to implement National's election promises outlined in the Post-Election Action Plan and the My key commitments to you card," says Mr Key.

"I welcome ACT's support to establish a National-led government. We look forward to working in a constructive way to advance the interests of New Zealand, for all New Zealanders."

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