Muslim community gathers to celebrate Eid

  • Judith Collins
Ethnic Communities

Muslim community gathers to celebrate Eid

Members of the Muslim community will gather at Parliament tonight in a celebration of the Islamic festival of Eid ul-Fitr (Eid), Minister for Ethnic Communities Judith Collins says.

Ms Collins is hosting the celebrations in the Grand Hall with around 100 people including distinguished guests from the Muslim community, Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy and Members of Parliament.

“For members of the Muslim community, Eid is about celebrating the special meaning of Islam in their lives. In developing New Zealand’s national identity, Muslim Kiwis have added much to our cultural richness, diversity of talent and skills.

“Sharing celebrations such as Eid plays an important role in making New Zealand a more tolerant and vibrant nation.

There are around 46,000 Muslims in New Zealand. Most are based in Auckland and are of Fijian-Indian extraction belonging to the Sunni sect.

In addition to immigrants from India, Africa and the Middle East there are around 1000 Māori and over 9,000 people born in the Pacific who identified themselves as Muslim in the 2013 Census.