MultiProof Service criteria expanded

  • Maurice Williamson
Building and Construction

MultiProof regulations have been broadened to accommodate a wider range of building designs, Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson said today.

MultiProof was introduced last year to cut red tape and cost, without cutting corners. MultiProof originally allowed volume builders to obtain fast-tracked building consents for standard single building designs just once instead of several times.

“Now that the service has proved itself it is time to open MultiProof up to a broad range of building designs,” Mr Williamson said.

Now buildings with several joined units, such as motels or townhouses, are eligible for MultiProof approval. 

Applicants must have the intention and ability to replicate their design at least 10 times in a two year period.

MultiProof approval means only site-specific conditions need to be checked
by the local council, reducing building consent processing times from 20 working days to about three, thereby saving builders money and time.

The average cost saving on the consent process has been about $1350. Temporary accommodation for Christchurch has been fast-tracked by using MultiProof-approved designs.

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