Multi-cultural Community Centre To Manage Housing New Zealand Homes

  • Murray McCully

A multi-cultural community centre is to take over the management of almost 600 Housing New Zealand houses and units in Cannons Creek, the Minister Responsible for Housing New Zealand, Hon Murray McCully, announced today

The Cannons Creek Fanau Centre initially approached Housing New Zealand about the possibility some time ago and discussions agreeing on the option of a management contract have only recently been completed, said Mr McCully.

"Housing New Zealand is the dominant landlord in Porirua/Cannons Creek and has received a great deal of criticism for its monoply position. Following this move it will continue to be a major landlord in the locality. I know the company welcomes this initiative from a community trust for the provision of an important social service. It will provide assistance to the Fanau Centre in the initial stages and monitor the centre's performance closely after that.

"The Cannons Creek Fanau Centre is taking on a big challenge to provide a service which they believe will be closer and more sensitive to the needs of the people they serve.

"The Government believes there is no uniform solution for housing those on low incomes with strong social needs. Integrating rental housing with a proven social service provider allows us to offer alternative ways of doing things.

"The Fanau Centre which has provided social services on contract to Government departments and agencies in the Cannons Creek and Porirua area since 1994 will also have the chance to buy the houses if they are successful as managers. The Centre will form a community housing trust to manage the houses."