MPs Hypocritical on Maori Job Payment

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education

Opposition MPs are hypocritical in their criticisms of payments to training providers who find jobs under the Te Ararau programme, the Minister responsible for industry training, Associate Education Minister Brian Donnelly, said today.

"Both Peter Dunne and Mike Moore were Cabinet Ministers when the Government was funding job training schemes specifically for Maori."

"If it is racist for the Government to have a policy of positive action that helps unemployed Maori - a particularly disadvantaged group in the job market - why didn't Mike Moore and Peter Dunne publicly oppose it when they were in Cabinet?"

Te Ararau is an offshoot of the Skill Enhancement scheme, which grew out of the Maori Trade Training Scheme (supported by every political party since the 1950s), and targets Maori with low skill levels.

"We know that Maori are less likely to go onto something positive after completing a TOP course.