Mount Parihaka name corrected

  • Pete Hodgson
Land Information

Minister for Land Information Pete Hodgson has accepted the New Zealand Geographic Board's recommendation to correct the spelling of Mount Parahaki, in Whangarei, to Mount Parihaka.

The Minister made his decision after considering a detailed report from the Geographic Board about the issue.

Both the Geographic Board and the Minister were satisfied that Mount Parihaka is the original Maori name of this landmark.

"I am confident that the Geographic Board has followed a good process under the Geographic Board Act. The Geographic Board made its recommendation after considering all submissions and carrying out its own investigations," says Pete Hodgson.

"I am very familiar with this important landmark, having grown up in Whangarei. I therefore understand the close personal association with the mountain as expressed by many of the respondents in their submissions."

The Minister's decision will be formalised by publication in the New Zealand Gazette in due course. The Minister has asked officials at Land Information New Zealand to send a copy of the Geographic Board's report to all submitters whose address could be identified.