Motorway noise barriers to help Ellerslie residents

  • Simon Bridges

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says new barriers along a section of State Highway 1 in the Auckland suburb of Ellerslie will help to reduce noise for those living near the motorway.

The NZ Transport Agency plans to begin construction of the sound barriers on its land adjacent to the motorway by the middle of this year.

“I’m confident that the installation of these noise barriers will significantly reduce the disturbance caused to residents by traffic noise from the motorway. They’re a good solution that will make a noticeable difference for them,” says Mr Bridges.

There are a number of further steps needed before the barriers can be installed including coordination with existing infrastructure, safety assessments, consenting, consultation with adjacent landowners, as well as detailed design.

“I’d particularly like to acknowledge the local MP, Hon Sam Lotu Iiga, who has advocated strongly for these noise barriers on behalf of his community,” Mr Bridges says.

A wider programme is also investigating how noise barriers can be used near other sections of urban motorways in Auckland where noise is impacting on neighbouring properties.