Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council reappointments

  • Michael Woodhouse

ACC Minister Michael Woodhouse has today announced four reappointments to the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council. 

“The Council represents the motorcycling community and has a vital role to advise ACC on safety initiatives that will make motorcycling safer on New Zealand roads,” Mr Woodhouse says.

Mark Gilbert has been reappointed as Chair of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council for a further term of two years.

Alan Petrie, David White, and Johan Bosch have also been reappointed as members of the Council for further two year terms after their current terms expire at the end of this month.

“I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Mark Gilbert, and the hardworking members of the Council for their important work to keep motorcyclists safe.

“The reappointment of the Chair and these three members will ensure stability and continuity on the Council and will allow for their important work to gain further momentum,” Mr Woodhouse says.

Note to editors

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) was established in early 2011 to advise on how the Motorcycle Safety Levy (MSL) fund should be spent to help make riding safer for riders.

MSAC members are motorcyclists who are well connected to motorcycling communities throughout the country.

The MSL is a levy collected from motorcyclists when they register their motorcycles and it generates approximately $1.8 million a year which is distributed to fund road safety initiatives specifically for motorcycle and moped riders.

MSAC engages with motorcyclists and provides advice and recommendations to ACC on investing MSL money on initiatives that will make motorcycling safer. These include research, awareness campaigns and the introduction of safer road design to reduce motorcycle crashes.

Work-to-date by the Council has delivered a New Zealand-specific evidence base that has helped inform ACC’s input to the Government’s Safer Journeys Action Plan 2016-2020.

More information: MSAC

Following these re-appointments, the current membership of the council is:


Date of original appointment

Mark Gilbert (Chair)

1 July 2013

David Golightly

7 April 2014

Janice Millman

7 April 2014

Alan Petrie

1 September 2015

David White

1 September 2015

Johan Bosch

1 September 2015

Joanne Buckner

1 September 2016