More Police deployed to the frontline


More Police officers are being deployed to the frontline with the graduation of 59 new constables from the Royal New Zealand Police College today.

The graduation for recruit wing 364 was my first since becoming Police Minister last week,” Ginny Andersen said.

“It was a real honour. I want to congratulate the 59 recruits who graduated today. This is the start of a fantastic journey for them, one that comes with an enormous responsibility and privilege.

“They now get to put their learning into action and to channel their passion for helping others into keeping our communities safe. 

“The training does not stop there. Police has doubled the amount of regular training Police get to more than seven days a year, with significant investment from the Government.

“I’ve been clear that one of my priorities as Minister of Police is to make sure Police are in a strong position to respond to the issues that matter for our communities,” Police Minister

“This includes ensuring Police are supported with the people, resources, and legislative tools they needs to keep communities safe and prevent harm.

“We’re continuing to deliver on our commitment to get more Police on the beat.

Since 2017, there have been 3,937 new constables who have graduated from the Royal NZ Police College, including today’s 59 recruits. Prior to today’s graduation, the total number of full time equivalent Police officers had grown by 1,708 since 2017, an increase of around nineteen per cent in Constabulary numbers. 

“Police are on track to deliver the 1800 extra Police Officers that we promised in 2017.

“I’ve also been clear that I am focussing on preventing retail crime. The Government is giving Police a range of tools to do this, and by adding 1800 additional Police to our front lines, Police are better placed to support our communities, prevent retail crime, and keep people safe.

The Government is also supporting the victims of retail crime through the Retail Crime Prevention Programme.

As at 29 March, 2,352 security interventions have been approved for eligible stores through the Retail Crime Prevention Programme, with 810 interventions completed so far. 

The Police National Retail Investigation Support Unit also continues to succeed in preventing retail crime. Less than one year since its inception and 1000 retail crime charges have been laid against 178 offenders.

The unit identifies and targets the most prolific and harmful retail crime offenders nationwide.

“The Government takes retail crime seriously. That’s why we’ve invested in the Retail Crime Prevention Programme and the Fog Cannon Subsidy – programmes that are making a difference to keep our communities safe. That’s why we’re putting 1800 new cops on the front line,” Ginny Andersen said.