More New Zealanders connecting to Ultra-Fast Broadband network

  • Amy Adams

More than 133,000 homes and businesses have now connected to the Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) programme as the build gathers pace, Communications Minister Amy Adams announced today.

The September 2015 quarterly report for the first phase of UFB shows almost 56 per cent of the build is complete and more than 815,000 homes, schools and workplaces can now connect to the network.

The report shows the number of homes and businesses connected to UFB has increased by 26 per cent over the past quarter to 133,684. Uptake across the network now sits at 16.4 per cent.

“The UFB rollout is one of the most ambitious infrastructure programmes we’ve ever undertaken and is making great progress,” says Ms Adams.

“We’ve focused on schools, health centres and businesses as priority users, but we’re seeing rapid uptake among households too. With thousands of Kiwis switching over to fibre every month across the country, faster connectivity is delivering for thousands of New Zealanders across a broad range of backgrounds and geographies.

“UFB is a step-change for our regional economies because it removes barriers of distance and allows those living outside the main centres opportunities to work, train or get specialist care.

“This new era of the digital economy means our best and brightest can create ideas, products and services from anywhere in New Zealand and export them to the four corners of the world. This is why connectivity is such a critical factor in growing our regional economy.”

New Zealand’s rate of growth in fibre connections is the fastest in the OECD with speeds also tripling in the last six years.

“We’re now in the process of extending the network to 80 per cent of New Zealanders and streamlining consenting issues to help Kiwis connect faster.”

UFB figures at a glance:

  • 815,376 homes, businesses, schools and health premises able to connect to UFB
  • 133,684 connected – a 26 per cent increase on last quarter
  • UFB uptake is at 16.4 per cent
  • Build is 56 per cent complete across New Zealand.

The full quarterly update can be found at:

Note to Editor:

As the first quarterly update in the new financial year, this report is based on a new data set derived from council rating data which more accurately counts end users in higher density areas. This new dataset was not previously available. As a result, the uptake percentage is slightly lower than it would have been, and the number of end users slightly higher, than the previous dataset. This geo-spatial dataset is more accurate and robust, and will form the standard dataset going forward on which connections and end uses able to connect are calculated. This in no way alters contractual requirements which are based on premises.