More Neighbourhood Policing Teams get ready

  • Judith Collins

Police plan to have 30 new Neighbourhood Policing Teams in action throughout New Zealand by the end of the year, Police Minister Judith Collins said today.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams work in priority communities for three to five years alongside other government agencies and partners to solve the problems of that neighbourhood. 

“I am pleased to report that following the successful deployment of Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Counties-Manukau that a further 18 teams are being trained for a nationwide roll out of the initiative,” Ms Collins said.

“By the end of the year ,30 teams are on track to be working across priority communities in New Zealand to reduce crime, vehicle accidents and disorder by proactively focusing on prevention and demand reduction.”

Six teams were first deployed in Counties-Manukau in August last year and there are now 12 teams working across the district.
“The community reaction has been very positive,” Ms Collins said. “We now have communities asking Police if a Neighbourhood Policing Team can be deployed in their area.”

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are one of a range of initiatives under the Policing Excellence Programme. The programme aims to deliver better service at the front line, improved public safety and more efficient use of Police resources.

It will reduce crime through an increased focus on prevention, ensure a greater responsiveness to crime, relieve pressure on the justice system and improve the experience of those who have been victims of crime.